Call to Action

Funding Increase? Level Funding? Government Shutdown? The Choice is Yours!

From April 7 and April 25, your House Representatives and Senators are back home in their Districts and States.

Reaching out to your legislators between now and April 25 is extremely important because, when they return, Congress will have just a few short days to pass final funding legislation to cover FY 2017, which will fund TRIO program operations during program year 2017-2018.

Will there be another substantial funding boost that leads to an increase in your grant award? Or, will it be just another year of flat funding? Worse yet, could it even be the beginning of another government shutdown (which would delay the results of the Upward Bound competition)?

The choice is up to you!

Need help in reaching out to your legislators or have other questions? Contact Kimberly Jones ( or Selene Ceja (, by e-mail or phone at (202) 347-7430 for help.