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Subscribers receive an array of print and electronic publications designed to keep you current on the latest trends, explore best practices and alert you to opportunities for your students and programs. The COE subscription package includes: Pell Institute Research — articles and publications affecting higher education produced by COE's research arm; Equality — a quarterly newsletter about the TRIO community and upcoming events; e-News You Can Use — a monthly newsletter featuring late-breaking developments and opportunities; FAQs — answers to frequently asked questions prompted by people in the field; and the National Directory of TRIO and GEAR UP Programs — your connection to the community.

Compliance Assessment

Getting Ready — Technical Assistance That Supports Program ExcellenceThe focus of a compliance assessment visit is to review administrative fiscal, programmatic and activities to examine compliance with applicable TRIO program laws, regulations, and policies as well as bring any applicable findings or deficiencies to the attention of the institution or agency.

A two-day on-site compliance assessment consists of the following activities: review of applicable laws and regulations with program staff and institution and agency administrators; examination of records for appropriate documentation; examination of costs for allowable, allocable and reasonable; review of evaluation in place; and closeout meeting and report of findings and recommendations of improvement where needed.

Data is collected through on-site observation and an assessment of all applicable documents, forms, participant files, and financial records. Participant files are reviewed to determine compliance with applicable TRIO program laws, regulations, and policies. Financial documents are reviewed to determine whether grant funds were spent on reasonable, allocable, and allowable costs as well as to determine the adequacy of fiscal accountability at the project level and institutional/agency oversight.

Each reviewed standard area receives one of the following ratings as detailed in final report: Required Action (RA) — Grantee must perform a corrective action in order to be in compliance; Recommendation (R) — Grantee is in compliance but could improve in this area (not a required action); Compliant (C) — Grantee is in compliance and fulfilling the requirement; and Effective (E) — Denotes an effective strategy for implementing the grant.

Cost begins at $6,000 for Institutional Members (plus cost of travel). Price increases for more than one TRIO Program.


Technical Assistance

Offering of technical assistance services is an area where the Council for Opportunity in Education could provide much needed and requested support for TRIO and other educational opportunity programs. Reserved for Institutional Members. Proposed areas of technical assistance include the following.


Technical Assistance Service
On-Site New Program Start-Up
On-site assistance with implementing a new project, including putting grant proposal plan of operation into practice. May include assistance with hiring; recruitment and selection of students; setting up program within institution and with external community or schools; development of various forms; and establishing documentation and recordkeeping practices.
New Directors (Distance or On-Site)
Individual legislations-regulations; variety of topics as requested by client.
APR Assistance
On-site or distance; webinar tailored to project with follow-up.
Prior-Experience and Formative Assessment (On Track)
On-site or distance; webinar tailored to project with follow-up.
Developing a Policies and Procedures Handbook
On-site or distance; webinar tailored to project with follow-up.
Legislation and Regulations Training for your Staff
Individual program training on the legislation, program and fiscal regulations that govern your program.

Cost begins at $6,000 for Institutional Members (plus cost of travel). Contact the Council to discuss any further details.

Program Evaluation

The Pell Institute for the Study of Opportunity in Higher Education provides evaluation technical assistance and advises our partners on using program evaluation for continuous program improvement. Our work includes identifying standards for high quality evaluations, providing support to ensure that they are well designed and implemented, and helping to refine plans of operation and strategies.

The Pell Institute's research and evaluation thought leaders provide advice on rigorous, cost-effective approaches and methods. We emphasize collaboration as we work with programs and institutions to collect data that helps them improve performance and build capacity. Through trainings and site visits our staff is committed to building local capacity in all aspects of research — from design and data collection to analysis and report writing. Pell offers evaluation technical assistance through a variety of mechanisms including individual technical assistance, group training, webinars, and written documents. The Pell Institute's partner focused technical assistance can include the following: targeted services that focus on specific groups, delivered through webinars, conferences, site visits, and other approaches; intensive services that address specific issues; in-person training and skill building; and broad dissemination of information and resources to policy makers, administrators, practitioners, and families.

The Pell Institute's evaluation team can assist in the design of needs assessments; experimental and quasi-experimental studies; trend, gap, and cost-benefit analyses; environmental scans; and case studies using the methods most appropriate for the program. Data collection approaches include: site visits; interviews and focus groups; surveys; literature reviews; and environmental scans. Our research and evaluation approach and methods build in compliance with Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) requirements and standards.

To contract the Pell Institute to do program evaluation, evaluation technical assistance, or needs assessments for your program, please contact Mika Yamashita at (202) 347-730, Ext. #208, or at (

TRIO Works Store

TRIO Works iStoreAll items are printed with the stock TRIO Works logo. Items are sold by case. If you are looking for ideas on custom printed TRIO Works items please visit the TRIO Works ideas blog.

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iStoreWorks is a strong organization founded in 2007 providing quality products and services to the Talent Search, Upward Bound, Veterans Upward Bound, Upward Bound, Upward Bound Math-Science, Educational Opportunity Center, Student Support Service, and McNair programs. Note that OMB Super Circular §200.421 instructs that federal grant funds cannot be used to purchase promotional items or memorabilia, including models, gifts, and souvenirs.