How to Navigate the Mobile App for COE’s Policy Seminar 2022!

March 18, 2022

COE's 41st Policy Seminar is hosted on the virtual conference platform EventMobi. Go to ( and login using the same email address you used to register for the conference. For any help needed, contact COE representatives at ( (Figure 1).

Accessing the Virtual Space — If this is your first-time logging into the EventMobi platform, you will be asked to create a password. If you have previously used the platform and can’t remember your password, click the “Forgot Password” button (Figure 2). An email will be sent to the email address you have provided to create a new password to log in with. It is very important to use the same email address that you used to register for the conference. Can’t find the reset password email? Check your spam/junk folder. Still can’t login? Try using a different web browser (Chrome vs. Firefox, etc.)

Joining the Main Stage — All registrants will have access to the virtual content through the event app. Treat a virtual conference as you would an in-person conference with respect to your calendar and task load. Prioritize the time to be truly present in the experience, engage with the sessions and presenters, and use the Q&A box and other networking tools regularly to connect with other participants. Participants can live stream the entire conference or specific sessions via the EventMobi video platform. COE staff will be on hand to help ensure that questions posed by virtual participants in the chat be included in the in-person Q&A segments.

Looking for Your Favorite Session? — The agenda will hold all the sessions for the day or the entire event (Figure 3 and Figure 6). Please note, however, that registrants will only have access to the content for the portions of the Policy Seminar for which they registered. (That is, if a person only registered for the Seminar on Relations with the U.S. Department of Education, they will not have access to information related to the Leadership Summit or Legislative Conference.)

Navigating the Side Menu — The side menu is the main navigation point for everything you will need in your event, including conference agendas, links to conference materials (Policy Manual, PowerPoint slides, etc.), and State Interactive Breakout Rooms. Select the ☰ on the left side of the virtual space to expand the navigation menu (Figure 4).

State Interactive Breakout Rooms — One exciting feature of this year’s event app is the inclusion of State Interactive Breakout Rooms! These virtual rooms provide each state or territory with a digital meeting place to connect with team members (Figure 5), organize talking points, and share ideas before and after congressional visits. On Tuesday, COE staff members will meet individually with each state and territory at a designated time to review the relevant Capitol Hill talking points. (See the schedule for COE-staffed State Team Meetings here. Please note that the States/Territories are listed in alphabetical order by meeting time on Tuesday. Therefore, please be sure to consult the Legislative Conference schedule to know when your State/Territory is meeting.)

In-Person State Team Meetings — In addition to the virtual meetings hosted by COE staff in the State Interactive Breakout Rooms, we have allocated specific spaces and times in the conference hotel for in-person participants to meet with other members of their delegation. Please consult the State Team Meeting and Location schedule to find out when and where in-person participants will gather on Tuesday, March 22. Note that this is a complement to the virtual meetings hosted by COE and no staff members or technological tools will be available in these meetings.

Can’t Hear Anything? — If you are not hearing the sound, please click the speaker icon below to unmute the player or click the Click to Unmute button. If you are not hearing the sound, please click the volume icon, normally found in the bottom right corner of the player, to unmute the sound. Or click the Click to Unmute button. This is a function of a recent update by most browsers and is not controlled by EventMobi.

Session Chat — Log in to join the conversation! Our session chat allows you to engage with other attendees in real-time while watching the presentation. React or reply to another attendee by clicking on their comment or start a new comment by entering it in the chatbox at the bottom.

Session Q&A — Asking a Question has never been easier! Submit a new question or upvote an existing question to have it answered by the speakers. Higher-voted questions will be pushed to the top automatically. This ensures the top questions are answered by the presenters. All questions are anonymous.

Personalize Your Experience — Want to add your picture to your profile? Want to see sessions that you have saved to your personal agenda? This can all be done by selecting your profile at the top right of the page (Figure 7). Your profile will hold all your personal information, sessions, notes, documents, and direct messages. You can even update your personal event preferences.

Live Attendee Support — Have a problem joining a session? Chat with EventMobi’s live support team! You can reach out to live support at any time during the event by selecting the Question mark at the top right of the event space (Figure 8). This will connect you with one of our Support Specialists to assist you with any questions you have.

Important Notes

COVID-19 Safety Precautions — COE will NOT require proof of vaccination for in-person Policy Seminar participants. COE recommends that in-person participants be vaccinated, and COE will require masking at all in-person Policy Seminar events.

Social Media — We encourage you to engage with us on social media using #COEPS2022. Network with more than 700 college access professionals from hundreds of institutions nationwide and share your big ideas during educational sessions, Hill visits, and other opportunities on social media using the official hashtag #COEPS2022. Be sure to check out our social media wall to see what your colleagues have to say about all things #COEPS2022!

Community GuidelinesTreat others online as you would treat them in real life. Be tolerant towards others' viewpoints; respectfully disagree when opinions do not align. Communicate with courtesy and respect. Respect the privacy and personal information of other participants. Use messaging/email responsibly. These tools are intended to keep participants in touch with one another, to help facilitate networking, and to promote common interests. By logging onto the conference application, you are considered to be in agreement with the terms and conditions listed above.