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Act Now to Support Emergency for TRIO Students in Next COVID-19 Relief Bill!

The COVID-19 crisis has hit TRIO students and families especially hard. While classrooms at all levels of the education pipeline have shuttered their doors for this semester, many low-income students do not have access to broadband internet or the technological tools (laptops, tablets, etc.) to continue coursework or receive support services online. Many students are dropping out in order to help their families meet their most immediate needs for survival. Even if they complete the semester, many more may not be able to continue with their educational plans in the fall.

Congress continues to write legislation to aid in COVID-19 recovery. Act now to make sure that TRIO students are included!

Take Action Now! Take one minute to e-mail your legislators.

  • Click here Document is available for download (.xls) to look up all Congressional Education Legislative Assistants.

If you already spoke directly with a congressional education staffer during COE's Policy Summit, you should e-mail or call them directly to follow up.

Not sure which Representative or Senators represents your TRIO institution, service area, or home? Enter the address at (with map) or COE’s website.

This year a record 232 House members and 49 Senators signed bipartisan letters supporting TRIO funding in regular FY21 appropriations. You can look up whether your members signed on the TRIO House FY21 Letter Document is available for download (.pdf) [scroll to end for list sorted by state/district] or the Senate FY21 Request Letter Document is available for download (.pdf) [in order of Senators’ signature].

Below is a suggested e-mail or call script.

Dear [Member of Congress]:

I am a constituent from [TRIO program] at [Institution] in [City], [State]. TRIO supports 800,000 students, including many in your State Document is available for download (.pdf) and District Document is available for download (.pdf). [Give specific examples of how your TRIO students are hurting.] Our request would provide services an extra 330,000 low-income youth and adult learners as well as provide digital connectivity for these students. Therefore, we hope you will support this request and specifically reach out to the Appropriations Committee and your Party Leadership to request support for emergency TRIO funding in the next COVID recovery bill. More detailed information about your TRIO programs is also available by State and District.

For details on this proposal, please see the Federal TRIO Programs Emergency Funding Request for COVID Phase 4 Document is available for download (.pdf).

Thank you for your support of TRIO programs.


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