In January 2017, COE partnered with MasteryPrep, the ACT college exam prep provider, to help low-income, first generation students and students with disabilities who participate in national TRIO pre-college programs improve their ACT scores. Through this joint endeavor, MasteryPrep will provide COE institutional members with significantly discounted product packages designed specifically for each pre-college TRIO program (Upward Bound, Upward Bound-Math Science, Veterans Upward Bound, Educational Opportunity Centers, and Talent Search). MasteryPrep will also host a series of webinars for all COE members about how to boost ACT scores as a part of this partnership. Additionally, MasteryPrep has pledged a portion of any proceeds from this initiative to benefit other initiatives of COE.

According to a recent report Document is available for download (.pdf) by COE and ACT, only 11% of low-income students graduate high school with a college-ready ACT score. MasteryPrep's goal is to help every student achieve college-ready scores on the ACT by providing ACT prep resources designed specifically for under-resourced, first-generation students. Instead of teaching to the test, MasteryPrep helps students develop core academic skills that are key to college success and to making 4+ point gains on the ACT.

Since its inception, MasteryPrep has helped over 900 schools and districts and more than 250,000 students improve their ACT scores, including some of the most economically challenged districts and states in the country. In 2016, MasteryPrep was named to the Inc. 500 as one of the fastest-growing education companies in the U.S.

For more info and to take advantage of this opportunity, institutional members should visit (