Patricia Mahomond

Assistant Vice-President, Business Development

Department: Development

Patricia Mahomond is committed to improving equity, access, and success for disadvantaged students and graduates in higher education and the workplace. Her background includes consulting and strategizing with clients on best using technology to further their goals by managing and utilizing data. She frequently conducts presentations and workshops on topics of interest to College Access and Success professionals at regional and national conferences. Patricia has expertise in providing software and media solutions to organizations, including Fortune 1000 and top-tier privately held companies such as the Walt Disney Company, Bacardi, and Burger King. She has presented empower, The College Readiness Analytic Solution at several national conferences and uses her experience to advance both the mission and vision of the Council for Opportunity in Education. Patricia attended the University of Buffalo as an undergraduate and graduate student in American Studies.

Contact Patricia

You reach Patricia by phone at (202) 347-7430, ext. 304