Indiana University Purdue University Celebrates First-Generation Students

October 23, 2017

The Student Support Services and Upward Bound programs at Indiana University Purdue University in Fort Wayne, Indiana will be hosting a campus-wide event celebrating and recognizing first-generation students, faculty, and staff on campus by means of a First-Generation Birthday Party on November 8. All those on campus identifying as first generation will receive a first-gen sticker to wear for the day and will be invited to a large campus group photo where first-gen birthday cake will be served. Staff and faculty will also be able to use the event announcement as a door placard that reads "Hello, I'm First Generation" to help better identify themselves to first-gen students on campus. It's the hope that this event will allow both programs to identify and highlight the large number of first-gen students, faculty, and staff on campus and begin more robust campus collaborations with first-generation staff and faculty — working toward a campus first-generation mentoring program.

How will your institution celebrate first-generation students on November 8? Please share your plans with us via e-mail or through social media using the hashtag #celebratefirstgen on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.