Biden-Harris Administration Requests $161 Million (14%) Funding Increase for TRIO in FY23

March 28, 2022

Today, the Biden-Harris Administration released its budget request to Congress for Fiscal Year 2023 (Program Year 2023-24).

The budget asks Congress for a $161 million (or 14%) funding increase for TRIO, for a total proposed appropriation of $1.298B in FY23.

The Administration's budget would also increase the maximum Pell grant by $1,775 (10%), for a total maximum Pell Grant award of $8,670. The Administration is requesting a $30 million (or 8%) funding increase for GEAR UP, for a total proposed appropriation of $408 million.

Last week, COE and more than 600 of your colleagues asked Congress for a $170 million TRIO increase during our 41st annual Policy Seminar, $9 million more than the Administration requests. This level would allow TRIO to serve 1 million students. COE is arguing that this funding should be used, at least in part, to fund down the recent slates to fund more grants in the Upward Bound, Upward Bound Math-Science, Veterans Upward Bound, McNair, EOC, Student Support Services, and Talent Search competitions. The TRIO community's request would also provide a cost-of-living increase for all current programs to serve students more intensively to help recover from the pandemic's learning loss and social-emotional challenges.

We have much work to do.

In the coming weeks and months, we will need to continue our strong advocacy with our Representatives and Senators, who ultimately set the funding levels for TRIO and all other federal programs.

Please click here to find resources to help you in reaching out to your legislators in gathering support for this request, including an invitation to visit your students locally.

Thank you for your continued advocacy for TRIO programs and the first-generation, low-income students, and students with disabilities you serve.

Maureen Hoyler
Council for Opportunity in Education