Congress Moves to Boost TRIO Funding, Addresses Formatting in Grant Competitions

May 1, 2017

The House and Senate reached an agreement regarding funding for FY17 (academic year 2017-18) over the weekend. The legislation includes a $50 million (or 5.6%) increase in TRIO funding as well as report language that directs the Department to provide increased funding to all existing TRIO grants, increase the number of grants awarded overall in the FY17 competitions, and allow for the reading of grant applications rejected for formatting matters. The full text of the report is available here Document is available for download (.pdf).

The bill needs to be approved by the full House and the full Senate this week. Please call both your Senators and your House Representative to thank them for keeping government working and urging them to vote in favor of the omnibus bill.

Thank you for all of your effective advocacy on behalf of TRIO students.