Talent Search Grant Notification Update

July 25, 2016

Late in the afternoon on Friday, July 15, the U.S. Department of Education began releasing the results of the Talent Search Grant Competition to Capitol Hill. More than 880 applicants applied for grant awards. According to information released by the Department, the first funding slate awarded grants to 459 applicants with scores of 106.00 or higher. Subsequently, on Friday, July 22, the Department began issuing notification to applicants with scores ranging from 104.67 and 106 that they were eligible for a second review as part of the "funding band." If you learn that your application falls within the "funding band," please forward all information (including your notification letter and readers' scores) to Angelica Vialpando ( and Kimberly Jones (

This week, COE will schedule two sets of calls. The first will assist those in the funding band regarding their request for a second reading. The second will assist other applicants who have received no notification regarding funding status. In the meantime, please contact Angelica or Kimberly by e-mail or phone, (202) 347-7430, if you have questions or concerns.