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Get Onboard in Chicago, IL, at COE's 38th Annual Conference!

Hit the Ground RunningCouncil for Opportunity in Education's Orientation and Professional Development Program for College Access and Success Professionals

New to college access and success? Or, do you need a refresher? COE's Onboarding Orientation and Professional Development is designed to bring you quickly up to speed with three modes of learning. First, a one-on-one conversation to identify pressing program and professional development needs. Second, attend a full-day on-site, in-person workshop to connect to leader experts from other programs. Finally, get access to online learning modules to enable a review of the history, resources, regulations and effective strategies to do the job competently and successfully. The online learning can begin immediately.

COE Point of Contact — Dr. Nicole Norfles, (202) 347-7430 or (

September 8, 2019 — Chicago, IL
Hyatt Regency Chicago
151 East Wacker Drive • Chicago, IL • 60601-3764
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GROUP ROOM RATE$234.00 (plus state & local taxes)

Step 1One on One Consultation. When a person registers for the Orientation and Professional Development, the Council for Opportunity in Education (COE) will schedule a meeting with the employee to gauge specific needs.

Step 2In-Person Training. The person will choose an on-site training to attend. This one day event will provide the framework needed for the position.

Step 3Online Modules / Two Week Courses. COE offers over 15 relevant courses to ensure success in one position. Participants have 1.5 years to choose and complete courses. Again, the online learning can begin immediately after registration.

Online Modules previously offered include: Professional Ethics in an Access and Success Program; Getting Recognition for the Work You Do; Using Student Tracking Data to Improve Your Program; Getting Family Involvement in Your Programs; Examining Bridging Programs; Career Counseling; and Admissions and College Match.

Pricing Members Non-Members
Phone Consult + On-Site Training + 3- Online 10-Day Courses $800 $1,500
Phone Consult + On-Site Training + 5- Online 10-Day Courses $1,100 $1,900

Online Courses

Below are the Summer 2019 Onboarding courses. Sign up today by completing this form Document is available for download (.pdf) and sending to ( (remember, you must be a paid participant of the Onboarding package). For questions please e-mail ( or (

(July 15-24, 2019) Creating a Policy and Procedures Manual . Policies and procedures are designed to influence and determine decisions, actions, and activities that take place within the boundaries of a program. Procedures are the specific methods employed to express policies in action in day-to-day operations of the organization. Together, policies and procedures ensure that a point of view held by the program and it is translated into steps that result in an outcome desired by the program and institution/agency. In this course, programs will receive a better understanding on how to create a Policy and Procedures Manual that not only represents the project’s methods of operation but also organizes information for quality onboarding of new staff and site visit readiness.

(July 22-31, 2019) Components of an Effective SSS Project’s Operational Plan. This course reviews the major components in providing services and operating day-to-day operations in an SSS project. Course participants will review research-based strategies to program design as well as best practices. Participants will also discuss ways to effectively incorporate technology in service delivery and project management, identify and select participants for the SSS project, assess strategies and maintain participant records according to the SSS regulations. Learn from each other as you share best practices in selection, service delivery, and records management.

(August 5-14, 2019) How to Be a New Director in an Established Program. NOTE — For New Directors in a Program that has at least been in existence since 2008. This course considers elements that new directors should examine in leading an already established project. Over the course of the ten days, program directors will examine the governing documents that guide their program, while understanding the goals of the program, the services envisioned by the agency to complete the project’s objectives and methods to engage both internal and external program stakeholders.

(August 19-28, 2019) Navigating the Rules, Regulations and Policies of Working on a Federal Grant. NOTE — For Talent Search, Upward Bound, EOC and Veterans Upward Bound only. Do you ask yourself these questions: “Should I follow the OMB Uniform Guidance when it contradicts TRIO regulations? Have the components of the OMB Uniform Guidance regulations changed? When do I need approval from my program specialist, and when does the institution/agency have the authority to make decisions without approval?” If you are not sure of the answers to any of these questions, then this course is for you! Designed to assist both new and experienced TRIO professionals, this course helps navigate the hierarchy of legislation and regulations that govern federal grants and is designed to empower staff to know where to look when trying to obtain guidance when budgeting and making programmatic decisions.