Better FAFSA Support

At COE, our commitment to the TRIO community goes beyond words. As we navigate the launch of the transformative Better FAFSA, we understand the concerns and questions that may arise. COE now offers its members essential tools, critical updates, and answers to their TRIO-specific questions.

Unlock the Power of Streamlined FAFSA Processing

Introducing the FAFSA Waiver Template

Our specially crafted FAFSA waiver template is designed exclusively for TRIO students and simplifies the process of accessing crucial financial aid data to confirm their eligibility. The waiver template provides a straightforward way to access and review financial aid information, empowering families to confirm eligibility effortlessly. Speed up the FAFSA process and eliminate unnecessary hurdles.


Train the FAFSA Experts Grant Opportunity

July 23, 2024,

To qualify for the $2000 award, at least one member of your TRIO program staff must participate in COE’s Train the FAFSA Experts webinar on Tuesday, July 23, from 2:00–4:00 p.m. ET.
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Better FAFSA Release – Part 3: The Roadmap to May and Beyond

May 02, 2024,

As we approach March, a critical milestone for institution awards, it’s paramount to address any lingering questions or challenges for your participants. Join us for an insightful session designed to not only provide updates from Federal Student Aid (FSA) but also furnish new FAQs and offer flexible solutions to navigate through March and beyond.
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Better FAFSA Release – Part 1: FAFSA Walk-Through and Support

As we usher in the new year, January brings a pivotal moment – the release of the Better FAFSA. Navigating this transformative tool successfully necessitates a profound understanding of the updated terms, streamlined processes, and remaining current on vital resources. In light of this, we extend an exclusive invitation for you to participate in an informative webinar designed to equip our esteemed COE institutional members with the essential tools, updates, and targeted insights relevant to the TRIO community.



Better FAFSA Release – Part 2: Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR), Eligibility and More

Achieving success with the latest tool requires a comprehensive understanding of new terms, processes, and staying current on vital resources. That’s why we invite you to join this exclusive webinar where we’ll not only provide the necessary tools and updates but also address specific questions pertaining to the TRIO community.


Resources and Frequently Asked Questions

Better FAFSA Support

COE offers its members essential tools, critical updates, and answers to their TRIO-specific questions.


Elevate your approach to the Better FAFSA with COE – where excellence is our commitment.

In 2023, COE offered its members head starts with a four-part Better FAFSA series. If you missed it, fear not! COE institutional members can obtain recordings of each part by contacting Angelica Vialpando at [email protected]. To explore membership options and discuss any questions, contact Vanessa Ramirez at [email protected].

  • Part 1 – Understanding the Terminology: Understanding it will simplify the process and help you explain the need for FAFSA completion. All of this is necessary to get the FSAID started. Learn about the data elements and FSAID process to support your TRIO participants.
  • Part 2 – Enhanced Importance of the FSAID: FSAID is the first step to get the new FAFSA complete. What is next? Who completes the form? Does it link to your state FA options? Can you get support in your local area or state? COE answered these questions and provided additional resources to support your success before the release. We also provided an FAQ.
  • Part 3 – Proactive Approaches in the Era of a Better FAFSA: Don’t wait for the release of the Better FAFSA! Use community effort to address any challenges. For example, some programs operate in rural areas, or with adults who may have completed prior FAFSAs. COE addressed potential unforeseen situations.
  • Part 4 – Better FAFSA- Almost Go Time: Are you making progress with the New FAFSA? Interested in the components of a successful FAFSA workshop? This webinar addressed how to get to success as well as unintended consequences that may have surfaced with this new process. It considered how questions are asked as well as the ramifications of IRS and ISIR information. The goal is to get to a successful submission summary page.

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