Keith Sherin Global Leaders Program

COE will select twenty low-income and first-generation undergraduate TRIO program participants and two group leaders for the 2023 Keith Sherin Global Leaders Program in The Hague, Netherlands, from June 23 to July 15, 2023.

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Global Citizenship: A Summer Study Tour for TRIO College Students in The Hague, Netherlands

COE will select twenty TRIO Student Support Services and McNair participants and two group leaders for the 2023 Keith Sherin Global Leaders Program in The Hague, Netherlands, from June 23 to July 15, 2023. Students get the opportunity to study diversity and opportunity as well as global sustainability and social justice in the city of international peace and justice. The total program fee is $2,300 and the application is due with a $250 refundable deposit by February 15, 2023.



Spend the first week getting to know your host country before studying at The Hague Summer School

Spend the first week getting to know your host country! You’ll be learning about the Netherlands’ social and educational context, specifically focusing on higher education and cultural diversity in theory and practice. Under the auspices of ECHO, the Center for Diversity Policy, students will visit Amsterdam and meet student leaders representing migrant communities.

For the next two weeks, you’ll study at The Hague Summer School, a cutting-edge modular set of courses based on the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The classes focus on solving global issues by connecting the public and private sectors. There is no better place to learn and practice world citizenship than in The Hague (Den Haag), the International City of Peace and Justice, and the political and cultural heart of the Netherlands.



Your college or university must be an institutional member of COE for you to participate in this program.

TRIO directors must nominate students to apply to this program. Eligible students are TRIO Student Support Services or McNair participants in good academic and social standing with their institutions, have at least sophomore status, and have demonstrated leadership ability and potential. COE will prioritize sophomores, juniors, and those who have not previously studied or traveled overseas.

Students must submit each application with a transcript (unofficial is acceptable), TRIO staff recommendation, personal essay, and $250 deposit to COE by February 15, 2023. COE will refund the deposit to unsuccessful program applicants. COE will notify applicants of their acceptance status by late February. Once accepted, participants must submit all payments and required forms to COE by the indicated deadlines.

For more information, contact Holly Hexter at [email protected].

Additional Information

Thanks to generous corporate support, the program fee of $2,300 reflects Keith Sherin Global Leaders Scholarships awarded to students selected for the 2023 Keith Sherin Global Leaders Program. COE named the scholarships in honor of Keith Sherin, former senior vice president and chief financial officer of General Electric Co., who is committed to helping disadvantaged students attain leadership experiences. Some regional and state TRIO associations may also award scholarships. COE asks each nominating TRIO director to contact the appropriate regional and state associations for information about association-sponsored scholarship opportunities.

The COE 2023 Keith Sherin Global Leaders Program fee includes: roundtrip air travel between the U.S. departure site, New York, and Amsterdam; pre-departure and onsite orientation; ground transportation in the Netherlands, including airport transfers to and from The Hague; tuition and fees for the course; emergency medical insurance; some group excursions; single room accommodations in the Student Hotel, and some meals.

The program fee does not include: roundtrip travel from the student’s home to the departure site, New York City’s JFK Airport; student passports, passport photos (and visas, if necessary); immunizations; luggage handling; independent sightseeing expenses; personal items; telephone calls; excess airline baggage charges; gifts or souvenirs; optional insurance for baggage or trip cancellation; and reimbursement for lost or stolen personal items or currency. COE expects students to provide most of their meals by cooking together in the shared kitchen in the Student Hotel.

COE encourages students to apply to the federal Benjamin Gilman Scholarship Program, which provides study abroad scholarships of up to $5,000 for students receiving Pell Grants. Students can find more information about the Gilman program and its application deadlines at

The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS) issues academic transcripts for the program and awards four European credit hours (the equivalent of two U.S. credits) for the program provided. Students seeking credit for the program are encouraged to consult with their registrar’s office and academic adviser before leaving the U.S.


Want to be a group leader? Group Leaders receive a salary of $1,000 plus expenses

The 2023 Keith Sherin Global Leaders Program Group Leader position allows you to travel to the Netherlands and facilitate a unique three-week academic and cultural program for 20 TRIO college students in Amsterdam, The Hague, and other parts of the Netherlands. You will accompany the students by spending the first week learning about the Netherlands’ social and educational context, specifically focusing on higher education and cultural diversity in theory and practice. Under the auspices of ECHO, the Center for Diversity Policy, students will visit schools, universities, and cultural sites in Amsterdam and elsewhere and meet student leaders representing migrant communities.

Some excursions require extensive (two to three hours) walking on cobblestone streets and climbing narrow stairs. The language of instruction will be English, the standard language for communication for international students studying in The Hague. COE will select two group leaders.

Additional Information

Current TRIO Program professional and host institution must be an active COE Institutional Member . You must be available for the full duration of the program and have previous experience working with/leading college students on travel within the United States and with a group of students abroad. You must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination will be required to participate in this program and must be submitted by May 1, 2023.

Attend/participate in pre-departure orientation webinar in April 2023 (TBD). 2. Attend/conduct pre-departure orientation/training (in person) at departure site (TBD) on Friday and Saturday, June 23-24, 2023. 3. Accompany group to Amsterdam, Netherlands on Saturday, June 24, 2023; this includes but is not limited to assisting with airport transfers. 4. Reside in Student Hotel and accommodations provided by The Hague University and ECHO. 5. Co-supervise a group of 20 students during the duration of the program; this includes knowing where students are and being accessible to them at all times. 6. Assist COE, The Hague University, and ECHO with program facilitation and participate in all mandatory activities/excursions with the students. 7. Promote, organize, and monitor small group PPT/video projects. 8. Facilitate regular mandatory meetings with all students to ensure personal and group cohesion, adjustment, and progress. 9. Ensure students complete evaluation forms at last group meeting. 10. Manage emergencies. 11. Report regularly to COE on program progress and any issues or situations. 12. Provide special assistance as necessary, such as contributing to a group leader manual. 13. Return with group to U.S. on Saturday, July 15, 2023; this includes, but is not limited to, assisting with airport transfers. 14. Remain available until all students are at their assigned gates or have secured ground transportation or lodging. Group leaders should not depart until all students are accounted for. 15. Submit a final written report upon return to the U.S.

Group Leaders will receive a salary of $1,000 plus expenses. The following will be paid for by COE: 1. All travel expenses to and from the Netherlands, including but not limited to taxis to/from the airport and flight. 2. Activities/excursions within the program will be covered, including but not limited to admission fees. 3. Lodging accommodations. 4. Prior to departure, you will be notified of your per diem for meals. Upon returning to the United States you will receive a reimbursement check for your meals up to the maximum per diem established prior to departure. Passport fees, excess baggage fees, and independent sightseeing expenses will not be covered.
Holly Hexter

2022 Keith Sherin Global Leaders Study Diversity and Inclusion, Student Empowerment, and Sustainability 

Among the many travelers who experienced challenges this summer in reaching their destinations were the 15 TRIO students and alumni selected for the 2022 Keith Sherin Global Leaders program. When their international flight to Amsterdam could not be rebooked for four days, they pivoted to virtual learning and then made the most of their compressed stay in the Netherlands this summer. Ultimately, the short-term program, the first time abroad for most, made a huge impact. “I gained different perspectives as a student and from a different world point of view,” said Pooja Patel, a TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) participant at the University of Kentucky. “I gained a lot of insight into what I am capable of becoming in the future.”
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