Fall Congressional Outreach Packet

Dear TRIO Colleagues

As you know, the House Appropriations Committee just passed legislation that, if mirrored by the Senate and signed by the President, would provide TRIO with a $161 million funding increase in FY 2023 (Program Year 2023-2024). Not only would this provide enough funding to award an inflationary increase to existing projects, but it would also provide sufficient funds to fund high-scoring grants in the most recent TRIO grant competitions!

Therefore, over the next several weeks, TRIO personnel, students, parents, alumni, and other supporters must demonstrate that TRIO Works! To do this, we must make our voices heard. This midterm election provides a unique opportunity to engage with your federal officials. During their first midterm election cycles, the last four presidents lost their majority in the House and Senate. With Congress up for grabs, Members of Congress want to meet with students and their families on the campaign trail. COE is challenging the TRIO community to host as many local visits with your Representatives and Senators as possible while they are back home in their States and Districts.


Let’s Remind Your Member of Congress that TRIO Works!

Use the contact information for all congressional education staffers and schedulers by state and district.

We encourage you to take advantage of the resources in this Congressional Recess Packet and to use the contact information for all congressional education staffers and schedulers by state and district. Let us know if you are planning or have already met with your Members of Congress so we can highlight your advocacy! Just send a short report including your name, title, TRIO program, state, type of meeting (site visit, one-on-one, townhall), and the name of the Representative or Senator to [email protected].

Education Staffers and Schedulers by State and District

Get in Touch

Questions? Contact Director of Congressional Affairs Zach Farmer.


Vice President, Public Policy

Zach Farmer

Director, Congressional Affairs
[email protected]

Not sure of your congressional district or who your member is? This service will assist you by matching your ZIP code to your congressional district, with links to your member’s website and contact page.

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