Better FAFSA – Part 2: Enhanced Importance of the FSAID

October 17, 2023


1:00 to 2:30 p.m. ET

The FSAID is your gateway to FAFSA success, but what comes next? Who should complete the form? How does it connect to state financial aid options? Explore these crucial questions and gain insights on local support in this interactive session. Plus, we’re equipping you with valuable resources to ensure your readiness for the December release.

  • Don’t miss out on this event exclusively for COE members; if you are unable to register, reach out to Vanessa Ramirez at [email protected] for membership options. This webinar costs $400 for members.

Better FAFSA – Part 3: Proactive Approaches in the Era of a Better FAFSA

November 01, 2023,

Stay ahead of the game with proactive strategies for the “Better FAFSA” in our exclusive webinar, offering early insights, community support, and solutions to address challenges before the December release.
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Better FAFSA – Part 4: Almost Go Time

December 13, 2023,

Prepare for success in the “Better FAFSA” era with insights on FAFSA workshops, question formulation, and navigating IRS and ISIR data in our exclusive webinar.
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