Policy Seminar 2024: What Happens, Why It’s Important, and How to Pay For It

January 18, 2024


4:00 to 5:00 p.m. ET

COE’s Policy Seminar is an annual event that brings advocates for low-income, first-generation students served by the TRIO programs to Capitol Hill. The event also includes professional development, leadership training, and alumni engagement events designed to enhance the work of college access and success professionals with their students and institutions. While you may cover some portions of the Policy Seminar with grant funding, other parts, you may not use those funds to cover the lobbying activities in preparation for meetings on Capitol Hill. Yet, such work is critical to ensuring the survival and growth of TRIO. During this free webinar, TRIO veterans will discuss what happens during the Policy Seminar and how to identify different ways to fund your participation! COE encourages newcomers and those who have not attended in several years to register today!


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