Better FAFSA – Part 1: Decoding the Terminology

October 03, 2023


1:00 to 2:30 p.m. ET

Don’t wait until December—the key to mastering the New FAFSA process is to start now. COE jumpstarts your journey, helps you tackle challenges, and prepares you well for the upcoming FAFSA release. In our first installment, we demystify new terms like “a contributor” and “consent,” making the process smoother and highlighting the importance of FAFSA support. Discover the essentials needed to kickstart the FSAID process and better assist your TRIO participants.

  • Please note that this free event is only for COE members. If you are unable to register, reach out to Vanessa Ramirez at [email protected] to explore membership options. Don’t miss this opportunity to excel with COE!

Better FAFSA – Part 2: Enhanced Importance of the FSAID

October 17, 2023,

Master the FSAID, FAFSA form completion, and their impact on TRIO families in our exclusive webinar, preparing you for success ahead of the December release.
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Better FAFSA – Part 3: Proactive Approaches in the Era of a Better FAFSA

November 01, 2023,

Stay ahead of the game with proactive strategies for the “Better FAFSA” in our exclusive webinar, offering early insights, community support, and solutions to address challenges before the December release.
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