Legislative Conference 2024: Know Before You Go

March 12, 2024


3:30 to 5:00 p.m. ET

COE’s Policy Seminar is an annual event that brings advocates for low-income, first-generation students served by the TRIO programs to Capitol Hill. This webinar serves as a preview for those registered to attend the Legislative Conference, as well as an information session for anyone considering registering in the final days leading up to it. Learn more about the talking points we’ll bring to Capitol Hill, the logistics for attending, and the work to do in advocating for low-income, first-generation students across the country. This session is free and open to all. With any questions, please reach out to Jen Rudolph via email at [email protected].

Maura Casey

How to Cover the Cost of Policy Seminar

The meetings on Capitol Hill are crucial for the continued growth and success of TRIO programs. They are among the most rewarding activities of the conference.
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