Seth Fairchild: Choctaw cultural director proud of brother, heritage

Seth is currently the executive director of Cultural Services at Choctaw Nation.

A versatile leader passionate about the Choctaw Culture and focused on promoting the vision of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, Seth is quick and firm decision-maker with effective communication and organizational skills. He has taught cultural activities, artifact collection and preservation, donor management, and overseeing strategic partnerships. 

Seth feels personally connected to the TRIO programs and has many special memories of those summers spent at his local university, Southeastern Oklahoma State University. Perhaps the strongest was watching the impact those summers had on his older brother, who was diagnosed at a young age with cerebral palsy. This diagnosis meant that life would be more difficult in many ways though he would tell you it made him stronger. 

At Upward Bound Math-Science, Seth saw his brother make lifelong friends, develop a support system, and help his brother reach beyond what many thought would be achievable. But most importantly, Seth believes it helped instill the confidence necessary to make these possible.

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