Ivy Tech Community College-Northeast Celebrates First-Generation Students

October 30, 2017

Ivy Tech Community College will be hosting a campus-wide First-Generation Student Celebration. The event is sponsored by the Office of Student Life and will feature lunch, music, and a panel discussion. They are also planning a few smaller activities which might include a poster for first-generation students to sign and write a few words on what it means to them to be first generation and some profiles of success from first-generation administrators, faculty, and staff of the college.

The goal is to spotlight the concept of first-generation college students on their campus and what it means — TRIO may serve these students, but it’s bigger than just TRIO. The organizers would like the college to think about how a community college can have a greater understanding of what it means to be first generation.

They are hoping that this will become a yearly event on their campus.

How will your institution celebrate first-generation students on November 8? Please share your plans with us via e-mail or through social media using the hashtag #celebratefirstgen on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.