The Council for Opportunity in Education Announces New Partnership with the Institute of International Education Center for Access and Equity

Discover how the IIE Center for Access and Equity’s partnership with COE is revolutionizing study abroad opportunities for low-income, first-generation, and disabled students. Explore our collaborative initiatives to broaden access to international education and unlock transformative experiences for diverse student populations.

The Council for Opportunity in Education (COE) announced today a new partnership with the Institute of International Education (IIE) Center for Access and Equity. The Center operates on a community-building model, rallying institutions and individuals to develop practices and programs that equitably broaden access to international education and opportunities for all.

In this collaboration, the Center and COE will bolster existing and new programs, including the Center’s American Passport Project and COE’s study abroad initiatives. The partnership seeks to integrate study abroad and international education into established TRIO programs, exposing more first-generation college students to educational and financial opportunities abroad.

COE President Kimberly A. Jones remarked, “For over 20 years, COE has provided pathways for low-income, first-generation students to participate in study abroad programs. We are excited to enhance these offerings through our partnership with IIE.”

Sylvia Jons, a TRIO alumna and the head of higher education initiatives at IIE, shared, “My experience with the TRIO programs was transformative, providing me with the support and resources needed to succeed in higher education. It’s incredibly meaningful to see IIE CAE and COE partner, as it signifies a collective effort to expand opportunities for students facing similar challenges.”

Research indicates that financial and social barriers often deter students and families from pursuing study abroad opportunities. However, studies show that students who study abroad tend to experience positive academic, professional, and personal outcomes. For instance, according to CASSIE, while only about 20% of first-generation college students complete their degrees, an impressive 94% of first-generation students who studied abroad earned their undergraduate degrees.

Courtney Temple, executive vice president and chief administrative officer at IIE, expressed, “The push for greater access and inclusivity in education is a long-term, collaborative practice. When organizations like the Council for Opportunity in Education join us, it affirms that IIE is going in the right direction.”

Lindsay Gee Calvert, director of the IIE Center for Access and Equity, highlighted the significance of support systems in delivering equity in education. The partnership aims to include global learning and international education in the support ecosystem for historically underserved students.

The Federal TRIO Programs aid students in overcoming economic, social, academic, and cultural barriers to higher education. Nearly one million low-income and disabled students receive college access and retention services through COE member colleges annually.

Since its inception in March 2023, the IIE Center for Equity and Access has embarked on its third formal partnership. The Center has collaborated with Dickinson College and Leaders of the Free World, focusing on fostering mutually beneficial learning opportunities and boosting Black male student participation in study abroad, respectively. The American Passport Project, an initiative to assist 10,000 Pell-eligible U.S. students in obtaining passports by the decade’s end, received the 2023 AAUA Khaladjan International Award for Innovation in Higher Education.

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