FY24 Appropriations Process Stunted; Shutdown on the Horizon

The House and Senate return from recess to address FY24 Appropriations bills and potential government shutdown risks.

The House and Senate have returned from their August recesses to continue working on their respective FY24 Appropriations bills.

Unfortunately, neither body will complete its work before October 1, which marks the beginning of the new Fiscal Year, FY 2024. To keep the federal government operating until the new FY24 appropriations bills are passed, both the House and Senate must pass a Continuing Resolution (CR), which must be signed by the President.

However, it is uncertain at this point whether Congress will be able to reach an agreement on a CR by September 30. If not, the federal government will ‘shut down’ all non-essential services. Because TRIO is ‘forward-funded,’ current program operations are funded by last year’s appropriations bill. In other words, Program Year 2023-2024 is funded by the FY2023 bill passed last year. Therefore, if there is a temporary government ‘shut down,’ it will have no impact on your ability to use your funding.

However, it may limit your ability to receive assistance from personnel at the U.S. Department of Education. COE will keep you updated as this process progresses.

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